Deja Addison

“Summer Vaca’ 2010”

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Just imagine lounging at a place surrounded by sandy beaches, cool water, warm sunshine, great food, and amazing sights. Who wouldn’t love to be in an environment such as that all the time? For most people experiences like this only come a once or twice a year so you have to soak in all in while you can.

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Project PRAISE: The vision and purpose

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In today’s times and generation, music is very vital and has definite significance, whether great or small, in the lives of young people. Music is believed to be the pathway of life. There are people who live and breathe music nonstop. These people have the passion and desire for it.

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Maryland Snow Storm

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It’s almost noon. Outside there is a pureness to the earth, a sparkling white winter wonderland. The blizzard has finally come to a halt and Towson, Maryland is momentarily peaceful and still.

The recent snowstorm began Friday, February 5th around 12 p.m. There were two back-to-back blizzards throughout the weekend closing major malls, businesses, and churches throughout Baltimore city and county.

Most Maryland schools, including Towson University, were closed the entire week of February 8th due to the inclement weather. Towson reached a record high of 38 inches of snow.

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